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Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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AJA International 4-inch Load-Locked Sputtering System

AJA International 4-inch Load-Locked Sputtering System

Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment:
Absopulse Electronics Ltd., Acopian, Advanced Energy, AG Associates, Agilent Technologies, Airco Temescal, AJA International, Alpha Scientific Electronics, Applied Materials, Inc., ASM, Astex, Aviza Technology Ltd., Balzers, Bruce (BTI), Bruker, Carbone, CHA Industries, Cline Innovations, Comdel, Condor, Consolidated Vacuum Corp, Copley Controls Corp., CPI, CVD Equipment Corp, Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., Denton, Diversen, Dressler, DynaVac, EA Elektro Automatik, Electronic Measurements Inc, Elgar, EM, ENI Power Systems, GCA/Precision Scientific, GFC, Heraeus, Hewlett Packard, IDEC, Inficon, ITEC Powertron, Japan Radio Co., Jobin Yvon, Kaiser Systems, Kepco, Kokusai, Lacotech, LAM Research Corp., Lambda, Leybold, LTX, MA Lighting Technolo, Materials Research Corp, Materials Technology, Mill Lane Engineering, MKS Instruments, Inc., National Electronic, National Electronics, NDE, New England Affiliated Technologies, Nexx Systems, Novellus Systems, Novellus Systems, Inc., Origin, Oxford Instruments, Phasetronics, Picosun, Plasma-Therm, Power Ten Inc, Power-One Inc, Powertec Inc, PowerVolt Inc, RF Power Products, RF VII, SemiSoft Inc., Seren, Sharon Vacuum , Silicon Valley Group, SinPro, SMC, Sorensen, TDK-Lambda, Tektronix, Tel, Telemark, Temescal, Thermionics Labs, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Trek Inc, Unknown, Varian, Vergason Technology Inc.