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in Radio Frequency (RF) Generators
Deal directly with Owner:  Cline Innovations LLC of Leominster, Massachusetts
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Astex AX2530 (FI20160-3) SmartPower Microwave Power Supply

  • Tested/Refurbished MKS-Astex AX2500 series, rack-mounted, 3KW Microwave Power Supply.
Astex AX2530 (FI20160-3) SmartPower Microwave Power Supply
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Location: Sterling, MA
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer MKS Instruments
Model AX2530 (FI20160-3)
Description 3kW SmartPower power supply
Rated Power Output 3000 Watts
Minimum 300.00
Maximum 3,000.00
Frequency 2.45
Scale GHz
Panel Meters Digital
External Cooling Water Cooled
Accessories This used/refurbished/tested unit can be sold separately or as part of a complete 3KW WR284 microwave generator set including, but not limited to:
  • Astex 3.0KW SmartPower magnetron head
  • Astex 3-way Circulator
  • Astex Dummy Load
  • Astex Precision Power Detector
  • All interconnecting cables
Other Information 
  •  Sealed chassis is both air-cooled (no vents) and water-cooled.
  • Compatible waveguide components may be available including both manual 3-stub tuner and automated SmartMatch impedance matching units.
  • AX2500 series goods are generally intended for computer controlled systems.  Manual controls can be configured, but may be cost-prohibitive relative to other options.
Power Requirements 200-208 V     20.0 A     50/60 Hz     3 Phase
Year of Manufacture 2002
Condition Very Good
Exterior Dimensions 
  Width 19.000  in  (48.3 cm)

OFFERED BY: (click name below to visit its website directly)

Cline Innovations LLC
Leominster , Massachusetts
+1 (978) 422-2901

Deal directly with Owner:  Cline Innovations LLC of Leominster, Massachusetts