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Vertical LPCVD Furnaces
Kokusai Quixace, 300mm, DD-1206VN-DF Offered1 Offered at Best Price

Kokusai Quixace, 300mm, DD-1206VN-DF

Other Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment
ASM, E3200, 300mm, Epi Deposition System Offered1 Offered at Best Price

ASM, E3200, 300mm, Epi Deposition System

Other Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment
AMAT P5000 Offered1 Offered at Best Price

AMAT P5000

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Feb 16 196788
National Electronics  

National Electronics  


List all items of this typeRadio Frequency (RF) Generators

in PVD Power Supplies

1   N* Leominster, Massachusetts
National Electronics YJ1600 6kW magnetron tube:
  • Recent lead-times for YJ1600 magnetron tubes have been long. We are willing to consider the sale of one or more used (or possibly new) tubes to customers who are seeking a replacement.
  • Warranty can be considered depending on application/use details.
  • Tubes will be tested prior to sale unless shipment is urgent.
Feb 15 196775
Seki Diamond Systems  

Seki Diamond Systems  

Model SDS6U "Clamshell" 

List all items of this typeSingle Chamber PECVD Tools

in Production Tools

1   N* Leominster, Massachusetts
Seki Diamond Systems SDS6U 6kw Clamshell system:
  • Cline Innovations is the exclusive broker for a Seki Diamond Systems Model SDS6U MPCVD clam shell system.
  • Built by Carat Systems for SDS (Cornes) prior to the dissolution of their clamshell system sales relationship. 
  • Bottom-launched electromagnetric design was originally developed by Astex.
  • Available for immediate sale to qualified buyers with potential to expedite delivery to international locations.
  • Very good to excellent condtion and is still installed and operational in USA.
  • Past use of system was for single-crystal CVD diamond (SCD) growth.
  • System type capable of producing single-crystal, polycrystalline, and nanocrystalline diamond films or bulk, freestanding deposits.
Feb 13 196716
Tokyo Electron Ltd  

Tokyo Electron Ltd  

Alpha 8  

List all items of this typeVertical LPCVD Furnaces

in LPCVD Furnaces

1   N* Burlington, Vermont
TEL Alpha 8, Nitride Furnace:
TEL Alpha 8, Nitride Furnace
Feb 12 196697


DV-602 C.V. 

List all items of this typeStandalone Sputterers

in Deposition Equipment

1   F*N* Burlington, Vermont
Denton Vacuum, Evaporator DV-602 C.V., 200mm, :
Denton Vacuum, Evaporator DV-602 C.V., 200mm, 


(2/2018) It was working when it was shut off a few months ago.  It's currently "cold", disconnected and stored in a location a few feet from where it
was installed.  It's complete, has not gone thru any kind of decon, and there are no xtra parts.  There was a slight oil leak at the pump when it was 
shut off.

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