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Item IDItem DescriptionVolts MaxAmps MaxPower MaxPanel Meters#PriceNotes Location
84596 Agilent E3614A8.006.000.05Digital1 440.00 F*Scotia, New York
89422 AMAT OEM*1140-900531 367.00 F*Hudson, NY
57073 Applied Materials OEM*1140-011375.0030.001 Hudson, NY
57074 Applied Materials OEM*1140-0114024.0025.001 Hudson, NY
142469 Ault OEM*PW102, 9700-8734-011 Plano, TX
57077 Bruce (BTI) OEM*819611512.002 Hudson, NY
43474 Bruker B-MN65/26065.00260.0016.90Digital1 12,400.00 Scotia, New York
129842 Condor Mfr*CP141718 Plano, TX
150393 Condor OEM*CP13542 Plano, TX
151330 Condor OEM*CP15731 Plano, TX
150391 Condor OEM*F15-15-A+1 Plano, TX
42889 Copley Controls Corp 23414 7,100.00 Scotia, New York
98564 CPI VPW2870W6-S36.001 Scotia, New York
81996 Electronic Measuremt EMHP 10-1500-D10.001,500.0015.00Digital1 F*Scotia, New York
110674 Electronic Measuremt EMHP 150-200-11111150.00200.0030.00Analog1 F*Scotia, New York
379 Electronic Measuremt EMS 100-10-2-D100.0010.001.00Digital1 875.00 Scotia, New York
4586 Electronic Measuremt EMS 13-15013.00150.001.95Digital1 1,550.00 F*Scotia, NY
34864 Electronic Measuremt EMS 13-200-2-D-152013.00200.002.60Digital21 1,650.00 F*Scotia, NY
3704 Electronic Measuremt EMS 150-7150.007.001.00Digital1 1,100.00 Scotia, New York
5122 Electronic Measuremt EMS 20-125 20.00125.002.50Digital14 1,200.00 Scotia, NY
122726 Electronic Measuremt EMS 30-8030.0080.002.40Digital3 1,650.00 F*Scotia, NY
3703 Electronic Measuremt EMS 300-16300.0016.004.80Digital9 2,300.00 Scotia, NY
128796 Electronic Measuremt EMS 40-2540.0025.001.00Digital1 995.00 Scotia, NY
182177 Electronic Measuremt EMS 5-505.0050.000.25Digital1 500.00 Scotia, New York
155418 Electronic Measuremt EMS 60-8060.0080.005.00Digital1 Scotia, New York
120995 Electronic Measuremt EMS 7.5-1307.50130.000.98Digital1 875.00 Scotia, NY
140651 Electronic Measuremt EMS 7.5-130-1-D7.50130.000.98Digital1 875.00 Scotia, NY
4585 Electronic Measuremt EMS 7.5-300-2-D7.50300.002.25Digital5 1,600.00 Scotia, New York
4582 Electronic Measuremt EMS 7.5-6007.50600.004.50Digital10 2,250.00 Scotia, NY
190755 Electronic Measuremt EMS 80-30-2-D-10T-140280.0030.002.40Digital2 F*Scotia, New York
160635 Electronic Measuremt ESS 130-115130.00115.0015.00Digital1 3,450.00 Scotia, New York
107310 Electronic Measuremt ESS 300-35300.0035.0010.50Digital3 3,125.00 Scotia, New York
39314 Electronic Measuremt ESS 400-25400.0025.0010.00Digital2 3,125.00 Scotia, New York
105546 Electronic Measuremt ESS 80-18580.00185.0014.80Digital1 3,450.00 F*Scotia, NY
140694 Electronic Measuremt HCR 10-2510.0025.000.25Analog4 400.00 Scotia, NY
140783 Electronic Measuremt TCR 10S24010.00240.002.40Analog2 1,650.00 Scotia, NY
140782 Electronic Measuremt TCR 10S9010.0090.000.90Analog2 999.00 Scotia, NY
132876 Electronic Measuremt TCR 20S3020.0030.000.60Analog1 550.00 Scotia, NY
132933 Electronic Measuremt TCR 20S3020.0030.000.60Digital1 850.00 Scotia, NY
79449 Electronic Measuremt TCR 20S9020.0090.001.80Digital2 1,100.00 Scotia, NY
3361 Electronic Measuremt TCR 20S9020.0090.001.80Analog2 975.00 Scotia, NY
102208 Electronic Measuremt TCR 20T25020.00250.005.00Digital1 1,100.00 Scotia, NY
119557 Electronic Measuremt TCR 20T500-4-D-OV20.00500.0010.00Digital5 3,500.00 Scotia, NY
151705 Electronic Measuremt TCR 250T20250.0020.005.00Analog1 1,850.00 Scotia, NY
78955 Electronic Measuremt TCR 300S9300.009.002.70Digital2 Scotia, NY
79452 Electronic Measuremt TCR 40S2540.0025.001.00Digital1 995.00 Scotia, NY
43052 Electronic Measuremt TCR 40S7040.0070.002.80Digital1 2,250.00 Scotia, NY
151789 Electronic Measuremt TCR 50T5050.0050.002.50Analog1 Scotia, NY
84072 Electronic Measuremt TCR 60S1860.0018.001.08Digital1 Scotia, NY
4584 Electronic Measuremt TCR7.5T3007.50300.002.25Digital3 1,780.00 Scotia, NY
57116 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*005318G11 Hudson, NY
150392 GFC OEM*GH0F5-51 Plano, TX
161017 Hewlett Packard 6012B60.0050.003.00Digital1 1,500.00 Scotia, NY
94318 Hewlett Packard 6200B40.001.500.061 300.00 Scotia, NY
6773 Hewlett Packard 6233A20.003.000.06Analog1 450.00 Scotia, NY
6770 Hewlett Packard 6255A40.001.500.06Analog1 450.00 Scotia, NY
79491 Hewlett Packard 6266B40.005.000.20Analog1 450.00 Scotia, NY
102316 Hewlett Packard 6453A15.00200.003.00Analog2 Scotia, NY
47349 Hewlett Packard 6551A8.0050.000.50Digital1 1,250.00 Scotia, NY
32822 Hewlett Packard 6622A20.004.000.08Digital1 1,495.00 Scotia, NY
47344 Hewlett Packard 6624A (4) OutputDigital1 1,350.00 F*Scotia, NY
93772 Hewlett Packard 6633B50.002.000.10Digital1 1,500.00 Scotia, NY
38552 Hewlett Packard 6644A60.003.500.21Digital3 995.00 Scotia, NY
57076 IDEC Mfr*PS5R-B2424.000.601 Hudson, NY
95385 Kepco RMX12-C1 Plano, TX
109907 Kepco TBC 24-60M30.0060.001.80Digital1 Scotia, New York
73689 Lambda EMHP 100-350-D100.00350.0035.00Digital12 Scotia, NY
73787 Lambda EMHP 200-175-D200.00175.0035.00Digital5 12,000.00 Scotia, NY
178848 Lambda ESS 80-185-7-D-080680.00185.0014.80Digital4 3,450.00 F*Scotia, New York
128696 NDE Mfr*SSR-05-400-12W-401 Plano, TX
142855 Origin GEXUS-13011,000.002 F*Scotia, New York
102308 Power Ten Inc 4500C-604060.0040.002.40Digital2 Scotia, NY
39613 Power Ten Inc P62B-2015020.00150.003.00Digital3 1,585.00 Scotia, NY
83027 Power Ten Inc P62B-5325AB5.00325.001.63Digital2 1,450.00 Scotia, NY
140735 Power Ten Inc P62B-82508.00250.002.00Digital1 1,730.00 Scotia, NY
83028 Power Ten Inc P63C-15220AB15.00220.003.30Digital1 1,750.00 Scotia, NY
178634 Power Ten Inc P63C-2513225.00132.003.30Digital1 Scotia, NY
128695 Power-One Inc Mfr*HAA15-.81 Plano, TX
150388 Power-One Inc OEM*SPM5A2KLB5.00150.001.507 Plano, TX
150387 Power-One Inc OEM*SPM5F2F2KB2.00150.001.508 Plano, TX
128692 Powertec Inc Mfr*2K15D- 1.3B1 Plano, TX
107355 PowerVolt Inc OEM*BVA-24AS1.2T1 110.00 Hudson, NY
163498 Sorensen DCR 300-33T8M9A300.0033.009.90Digital1 Scotia, NY
128797 Sorensen DCR 55-90T55.0090.005.00Digital2 2,000.00 Scotia, NY
4483 Sorensen DCR32155T132.00155.005.00Analog3 2,200.00 Scotia, NY
1962 Sorensen DCR60-18B60.0018.001.08Analog1 800.00 Scotia, NY
185855 Sorensen DCS 20-15020.00150.003.00Digital3 1,395.00 Scotia, NY
73683 Sorensen DCS 20-5020.0050.001.00Digital1 850.00 Scotia, NY
129009 Sorensen DHP 80-6280.0062.005.00Digital1 2,395.00 Scotia, NY
84567 Sorensen HPD 60-5S60.005.000.30Digital1 650.00 Scotia, NY
92642 Sorensen LHP 40-2540.0025.001.00Digital1 995.00 Scotia, NY
2481 Sorensen PRO30033T1M9C300.0033.009.90Digital1 4,250.00 Scotia, NY
6755 Sorensen QB6306.0030.000.18Analog1 Scotia, NY
185541 Sorensen SGA 1K0X5C1, F*Scotia, New York
185539 Sorensen SGA 600X8C600.008.005.00Digital2 Scotia, New York
183919 Sorensen SGA 75 266C-1DAI75.00266.0020.00Digital1 Scotia, New York
181994 Sorensen SGA 80 313C-1DAA80.00313.0025.00Digital1 Scotia, New York
190366 Sorensen SGI 1K0X15E-1CAA1,000.0015.0015.00Digital4 F*Scotia, New York
185536 Sorensen XG 12-14012.00140.001.70Digital5 1,500.00 F*Scotia, NY
185535 Sorensen XG 60-1460.0014.000.85Digital10 800.00 F*Scotia, NY
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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under DC Power Supplies:
Agilent Technologies, Applied Materials, Inc., Ault, Bruce (BTI), Bruker, Condor, Copley Controls Corp., CPI, Electronic Measurements Inc, GCA/Precision Scientific, GFC, Hewlett Packard, IDEC, Kepco, Lambda, NDE, Origin, Power Ten Inc, Power-One Inc, Powertec Inc, PowerVolt Inc, Sorensen, TDK-Lambda, Tektronix, Unknown