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Find used vacuum pumps and vacuum equipment in this live database of up-to-the-minute physical inventories. Please deal directly with the owners; pay no commission. Hitting "Accept" or "Send Questions" sends a message directly to the equipment owners. Click on "What's New" to see the latest additions.

Dealers: Please contact us to get your equipment listed.

To view over 1,410 detailed, real-time listings of many qualified sources, use our Fast FIND search engine above or browse through the product types shown below:

Vacuum Pumps

Cryogenic Vacuum Pumps • Diffusion Vacuum Pumps • Ion Vacuum Pumps • Mechanical Vacuum Pumps • Roots Pumps • Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps • Cryogenic Compressors • Vacuum Pump Controllers • Vacuum Pumping Systems • Vacuum Pump Accessories

Vacuum Valves and Accessories

Vacuum Valves • Vacuum Valve Controllers • Vacuum Valve Accessories

Vacuum Instrumentation

Residual Gas Analyzers • Vacuum Gauges • Vacuum Gauge Controllers • Vacuum Process Controllers • Other Vacuum Instrumentation

Vacuum Fittings

Helium Leak Detectors

Mass Flow Controllers

Mass Flow Controllers - Gas • Mass Flow Controllers - Liquid

Deposition Equipment

Electron Beam Evaporators • Resistance Evaporators • Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment • Standalone Sputterers • Other Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment • Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment

Other Vacuum Equipment

Mixed Lots, Vacuum Processing Equipment

Manufacturers whose products are currently available include:
A&N Corporation, Acopian, Adixen, Advanced Energy, AERA, Airco Temescal, Alcatel, Anelva, Anest Iwata, Applied Materials, Inc., ASM, Astex, Aviza Technology Ltd., Balston, Balzers, Balzers-Pfeiffer, Brooks Instrument, Bruce (BTI), Busch, Celerity, CHA Industries, Comdel, Condor, Consolidated Vacuum Corp, Copley Controls Corp., CPA, CTI Cryogenics, CVI, Dressler, Ebara, Edwards, Electronic Measurements Inc, Elgar, ENI Power Systems, Ferrotec, GCA/Precision Scientific, Genesis Vacuum , Granville Phillips, Hewlett Packard, Hiden Analytical, HPS, Huntington, HVA, Inficon, Insulator Seal Corp., Ion Tech Inc., Jobin Yvon, Jusung Engineering Co., Ltd., Kaiser Systems, Kepco, Key High Vacuum, Kurt Lesker, Lacotech, Lambda, Leybold, Materials Research Corp, MDC, Meivac Inc., Mill Lane Engineering, Millipore, Millipore Tylan, MKS Instruments, Inc., MV Products, Mykrolis, Neturen, Nor-Cal Products, Novellus Systems, Osaka Vacuum Ltd., Perkin Elmer, Pfeiffer Vacuum, Plasma-Therm, Polycold, Power Ten Inc, Power-One Inc, RF Power Products, Schumacher, Seiko-Seiki, Seren, Silicon Valley Group, SMC, Sorensen, STEC, Stokes Vacuum, TDK-Lambda, Tel, TEL Corp., Telemark, Temescal, Thermionics Labs, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Tylan General, Unit Instruments, Unknown, Vacuubrand, Vacuum General, Vacuum Research, Varian, VAT, Veeco Instruments, Watkins-Johnson, more...
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