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Item IDItem DescriptionInlet FlangePumping Spd WV#PriceNotes Location
»in  mm»CFM  l/s$
244654 Brooks CTI Cryogenic On-Board IS 320FXISO-K320.011,000.00 1 Scotia, New York
1054 CTI Cryogenics 350CP 1 Scotia, New York
77496 CTI Cryogenics 8042002G003 Temp. Indicator 4 700.19 Scotia, New York
186767 CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 10-- PN 8018182G001ASA254.09,000.00 1 F* Scotia, New York
39051 CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 10--PN 8018236ISO-K320.09,000.00 9 F* Scotia, New York
239790 CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 8 -- 8033083Conflat254.04,000.00 1 Scotia, New York
224332 CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 8 -- 8033167ASA200.04,000.00 5 Scotia, New York
185840 CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 8 -- 8033167ASA200.04,000.00 4 Scotia, New York
140244 CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 8 -- 8033168ASA200.04,000.00 2 Scotia, New York
191255 CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 8 --8033167ASA200.04,000.00 2 Scotia, New York
186768 CTI Cryogenics CRYO-TORR 8 --8033167 with WindowASA200.04,000.00 9 F* Scotia, New York
240449 CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 10--PN 8116209G001ASA254.09,000.00 1 Scotia, New York
242816 CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 10F--PN 8116103G002ASA254.09,000.00 2 Scotia, New York
249180 CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 250F--PN 8116185G001 ISO-F250.06,500.00 1 N* Scotia, New York
237837 CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 4F--PN 8116073G002RISO-K1,100.00 1 Scotia, New York
124932 CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 6 (New) --PN 8116217G001ISO-K160.02,500.00 4 Scotia, New York
43842 CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 6--PN 8116183G001Conflat203.22,500.00 1 F* Scotia, New York
49418 CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 8 Conflat254.04,000.00 2 F* Scotia, New York
32590 CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 8 Low hoursConflat254.04,000.00 5 Scotia, New York
237848 CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 8F--PN 8116034G001Conflat250.04,000.00 1 Scotia, New York
237821 CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD 8F--PN 8116142G001Conflat250.04,000.00 1 Scotia, New York
83241 CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD IS 250FOther250.06,500.00 3 Scotia, New York
127121 CTI Cryogenics ON-BOARD IS 250FISO-K250.06,500.00 1 Scotia, New York
236693 CVI Pump TM-250 Compressor CBST6.0 A-2ASA254.09,500.00 5 Scotia, New York
97496 CVI TM-500ASA508.030,000.00 1 Scotia, New York
97537 CVI TM-500 LN2ASA508.030,000.00 3 Scotia, New York
244653 Edward CTI Cryogenic On-Board IS 320FEISO-F320.011,000.00 1 F* Scotia, New York
43521 Leybold 1500SLConflat200.04,600.00 3 Scotia, New York

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