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Vacuum Fittings

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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionFlange TypeFlange Size#PriceNotes Location
»in  mm$
186292 Unknown NoneFormed Bellows NW40 x 4" LongKF40.00 7 50.01 Scotia, NY
170411 Unknown NoneFlange, ReducingConflat152.40 1 100.03 Scotia, NY
186350 Unknown NoneFormed Bellows KF 50 X 18"KF50.00 1 100.03 Scotia, NY
186351 Unknown NoneFormed Bellows KF 40 X 38"KF40.00 1 120.03 Scotia, NY
179206 Unknown UnknownBellows, 5", -- NewKF16.00 4 45.01 Scotia, NY
304 UNKNOWN VIEW PORTView PortConflat203.20 13 270.07 Scotia, NY
143526 VACUUM BELLOWS KF 25Bellows, 39"KF25.00 1 110.03 Scotia, New York
152711 VACUUM FITTING ISO 80 X 40" THICK WALLISO 80 X 40" Thick wallISO-K80.00 1 195.05 Scotia, NY
2553 VACUUM FITTING, 39" BELLOWSBellows, 39" -- NewISO-K80.01 2 825.22 Scotia, NY
92540 VACUUM FITTING, BASEPLATE/ENDPLATEVacuum Baseplate/Endplate 1 1,050.28 Scotia, New York
92547 VACUUM FITTING, BASEPLATE/ENDPLATEVacuum Baseplate/Endplate 1 950.25 Scotia, New York
3201 VACUUM FITTING, CONFLAT TEETeeConflat114.30 1 225.06 Scotia, New York
2549 VACUUM FITTING, ELBOWElbowKF16.00 10 30.01 Scotia, NY
92542 VACUUM FITTING, FEEDTHROUGH COLLARFeedthrough Collar 1 2,100.56 Scotia, New York
3265 VACUUM FITTING, INSTRUMENTATION FEEDTHROUGHTwenty Pin Electrical Feedthrough, ISO-K101.60 2 375.10 Scotia, New York
2551 VACUUM FITTING, SEAL ASSEMBLYSeal Assembly w/ScreenKF25.40 14 21.01 Scotia, NY
152689 VACUUM FITTING, STRAIGHT NIPPLENipple, KF25 X 40" Straight KF25.00 9 Scotia, NY
2547 VACUUM FITTING, TEETeeKF38.10 7 60.02 Scotia, NY
298 Varian 954-5049Feedthrough, Linear with Digital CounterConflat69.85 1 300.08 Scotia, New York
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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Vacuum Fittings:
A&N Corporation, Applied Materials, Inc., CAJON, Ferrofluidics, Ferrotec, HPS, Huntington, Insulator Seal Corp., Kurt Lesker, Leybold, MDC, MKS Instruments, Inc., Nor-Cal Products, Perkin Elmer, Rigaku, Tokyo Electron Limited, Unknown, Varian