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Deal directly with Owner:  Cline Innovations LLC of Sterling, Massachusetts
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Wavemat 915MHz MPCVD Diamond Growth System

Cline Innovations is offering a Wavemat 915MHz microwave CVD diamond growth system.  This deposition system is recommended for CVD diamond and/or large area plasma equipment development purposes. 

This system is capable of operation over a broad parametric space including 1.) large volume/diameter, low plasma power densities using a thermally-floating stage design or 2.) confined volume/diameter higher plasma power densities using a water-cooled stage design.  

Major System Features:

  • Wavemat 915MHz internally-tunable microwave plasma apparatus.
  • Nominally 10-inch diameter fused quartz bell jar enables handling of large area fixtures and substrates.
    • Roughly 4.5" processing diameter with water-cooled stage.
    • Roughly 6.0" processing diameter with thermally-floating stage.
    • Larger area processing may certainly be possible with system modifications, enhanced cooling.
  • Double-jacketed stainless steel loading chamber mounted to a sturdy welded steel frame with thick aluminum tabletop.
  • Typically operated at power levels under 12kW.
  • Modular design enables application-specific modifications, plasma source development, etc.
  • PC-based LabView controls.
Wavemat 915MHz MPCVD Diamond Growth System
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Location: Leominster, Massachusetts
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Wavemat
Model Diamond 915MHz MPCVD
Description 915MHz MPCVD Diamond System
Wafer Size Range 
  Maximum 150 mm
Process PECVD enhanced by 915MHz
Controller Type PC Controller Type
Software Revision Level LabView
Roughing Pump Yes
RF Generator Model Sairem 30kW 915MHz
Process Gases Typically H2, CH4, Ar, N2
  Chiller #1Manufacturer/Model Closed-loop chiller(s) required.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Extensive fixturing.
  • Spare components.
Other Information 
  • The core technology used for this system is based on internally-tunable microwave MPCVD technology developed by Michigan State University, Norton/Saint-Gobain, and Wavemat.
  • MPCVD tools from Lambda Technologies also employ the internally-tunable design. 
  • The internally-tunable MPCVD equipment housed on the campus of MSU (including MSU-Fraunhofer 915MHz Wavemat tool) have demonstrated the utility and versatility of this technology over a period of over 30 years.
  • Overall system was plasma-tested at time of purchase and has been in storage for at least 5 years. 
  • Cline Innovations prefers to sell to US-based interdisciplinary research team with the capacity to reintegrate this equipment and use it as a platform for future large area plasma source and diamond & related materials development.
  • Cline Innovations offers academic and industrial expertise with diamond MPCVD dating to 1989.  This includes experience with MSU's 915MHz tunable microwave technology dating to 1993.  In that regard, extensive reintegration support or leadership can be offered, if warranted.
Power Requirements 480 V     60 Hz     3¬†Phase
Refurbished YES

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Cline Innovations LLC
Sterling , Massachusetts
+1 (978) 422-2901

Deal directly with Owner:  Cline Innovations LLC of Sterling, Massachusetts