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in Single Chamber PECVD Tools
Deal directly with Owner:  Cline Innovations LLC of Sterling, Massachusetts
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ASTeX Large Volume Plasma Processing System (ECR-PECVD-MPCVD-MOCVD)

High density plasma system activated by ECR-enhanced, 2.45GHz microwave input offers PECVD-MOCVD deposition, functionalization, and/or dry etching of ceramics, carbon-based materials, and nanomaterials at relatively low substrate temperatures.

Computer-Controlled, low pressure, high power-density, microwave plasma system equipped with a large 28-inch dia X 51-inch long cylindrical SS chamber with full-diameter doors on each end and many ISO 150 & 250 flanges. Two Astex 2.5kW to 5KW microwave generators are used to power two permanent-magnet high-power ECR (Electron Cyclotron Resonance) sources. A planetary motion feedthrough is mounted on the top of the chamber and is equipped with RF-bias functionality (if needed) and planetary fixturing. Flexible system design is currently configured for simultaneous, high-rate, PECVD-MOCVD deposition of ceramic oxides onto many 3-D parts using gas, vapor and liquid reactants and no external heating.

Potential future uses range from large area (or large volume) PECVD (or plasma MOCVD) deposition of ceramics, semiconductors, DLC, nanodiamond, nanomaterials as well as surface treatment, functionalization and/or dry plasma etching.

This is a flexible R&D or semi-production system that was originally installed in the 1999 timeframe and used for high deposition-rate oxide PECVD/MOCVD research for less than 3-½ years. Most, if not all, of the research was focused on silicon oxide studies with rates measured in the micron/minute range using up to 10KW (2 X 5KW) of microwave power input enhanced with two ECR magnets.

ASTeX Large Volume Plasma Processing System (ECR-PECVD-MPCVD-MOCVD)
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Location: Leominster, Massachusetts
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Astex
Description Large Volume Plasma Processing System

Buyer can choose from one or both of the following complete vacuum pumping packages engineered for this system:
a.) BOC Edwards GV600 industrial drypumping package equipped with HV7000F Edwards (Aerzen GmbH) Krytox/PFPE-based blower AND/OR
b.) 2 Pfeiffer 1601 turbo pumps backed by Krytox/PFPE-based Stokes 148-10 roughing pump.

Depending on your specific R&D or production needs, the system can include the following SUBSYSTEM COMPONENTS:

  1. MKS DLI-25 MOCVD liquid delivery.
  2. Bronkhorst CEM (Controlled Evaporizer Mixer) MOCVD liquid delivery with vapor control.
  3. MKS 1153 Vapor Flow Controller (250C) with MKS Type 243 controller and MKS Type 260 PS-7 heater power supply.
  4. MKS 1150 Vapor Flow Controller (90C).
  5. R&D Heated stage assembly equipped with Neslab closed-loop liquid heater.
  6. 6 MKS 2179 Mass Flow Controllers (4 at 1 lpm and 2 at 5 lpm full scale).
  7. 2 Astex (MKS) microwave generators & delivery systems with autotuning capabilities.
  8. RFPP Model LF-5, 500 Watt, 50 KHz to 460 kHz bias power supply and impedance matching system.
  9. 3 ISO 250 pneumatic gate valves (VAT etc.).
  10. Neslab recirculating heater for R&D heater Optional: Lab or facilities chillers
  11. Simpson or Holaday Microwave leak detector.
  12. Extensive documentation including CAD drawings, subsystem catalogs, system test data, etc.
Other Information 

Unless negotiated otherwise, Cline Innovations intends to sell this machine with an upgraded computer control system.

Cline Innovations offers expertise in materials technology with academic & industrial experience in microwave plasma processing dating back to 1989.

Edwards GV600 drypump package layout can be supplied to prospective customers upon request.

This is a relatively complex, integrated system which requires a multi-discplinary team to operate safely and effectively.

This listing has been compiled on a best effort basis.  Specifications subject to review at the time of purchase.

Year of Manufacture 1999
Condition Very Good

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Cline Innovations LLC
Sterling , Massachusetts
+1 (978) 422-2901

Deal directly with Owner:  Cline Innovations LLC of Sterling, Massachusetts