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in Mass Flow Controllers - Gas
Deal directly with Owner:  Capovani Brothers Inc. of Scotia, New York
Item ID: 42600

Offered 8 Offered at $ 820.00 (each)


Mass Flow Controller

Unit Instruments acquired by Brooks Instruments

Location: Scotia, NY
Unit Price $ 820.00 (each)
Number of Units 8
Manufacturer Unit Instruments
Model UFC-1100
Description Mass Flow Controller
Gas Type(s) Multiple available
Fitting Type: VCR     Diameter: 0.250  in  (0.6 cm)
Connector Type Edge Card
Accessories (A) Gas: SiH4 - Range: 500 SCCM
(B) Gas: SiH4 - Range: 200 SCCM
(C) Gas: NH3 - Range: 3 SLM
(D) Gas: Ar - Range: 3 SLM
(E) Gas: 1%PH3 / N2 - Range: 2 SLM
(F) Gas: 20%PH3 / SiH4 - Range: 100 SCCM
(G) Gas: N2 - Range: 10 SLM
(H) Gas: O2 - Range: 100 SCCM
Weight 6  lb  (3 kg)

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Capovani Brothers Inc.
Scotia , New York
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Deal directly with Owner:  Capovani Brothers Inc. of Scotia, New York