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Item IDItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotes Location
189204 Adixen OME 25HP+Exhaust Filter - Oil Mist KF 25 2 325.00 Scotia, New York
186255 Adixen OME 25SExhaust Filter New - Oil Mist KF 254 200.00 Scotia, NY
177967 Alcatel AGB-4Gas Ballast1 Scotia, NY
163956 Balston ACV-0735-371HExhaust Filter1 950.00 Scotia, NY
3669 CPA 7016-A-6Cryotrap2 1,500.00 Scotia, NY
129107 CTI Cryogenics 8032222G001Drive Cable 10 Ft.1 175.00 Scotia, New York
129109 CTI Cryogenics 8032222G005Drive Cable 50 Ft.44 240.00 Scotia, New York
84905 Edwards IQ INTERFACEPump Interface2 1,825.00 Scotia, NY
6479 Edwards 04-NO26-98-8101400 Controller1 Plano, TX
3131 Edwards A46233000Mist Filter1 525.00 Scotia, NY
3550 Edwards EOF40CRExternal Oil Filtering System9 1,200.00 Scotia, NY
114742 Edwards ITC 20Inlet Chemical filter1 550.00 Scotia, NY
105574 Edwards MF100Outlet Mist Filter1 550.00 Scotia, NY
163286 Edwards MF100AECorrosion Resistant Mist Filter1 985.00 Scotia, NY
6480 Edwards NO 26988001400 Controller1 Plano, TX
84906 Edwards SMART INTERFACEPump Interface2 1,045.00 Scotia, NY
128863 FOMBLIN 16/6 PFPE CHEMICAL INERT VACUUM PUMP OIL RECLAIMEDInert Vacuum Pump Oil22 250.00 Scotia, NY
1146 Granville Phil 251Cryo Trap/N21 1,400.00 Scotia, NY
3653 Granville Phil Series278CryoClean Trap1 750.00 Scotia, NY
105781 Leybold 85529Purge Gas and Venting Valve1 425.00 Scotia, NY
81397 Leybold AS 8-16Dust Separator1 275.00 Scotia, NY
3378 Leybold 894-45Air Cooling Conversion Unit2 150.00 Scotia, NY
167922 Leybold AF 16/25Exhaust Filter1 Scotia, NY
43559 Leybold AF 40/65Condensate Trap7 325.00 Scotia, NY
85225 Leybold AR 16/25Exhaust Filter w/Oil Return1 768.00 Scotia, NY
3575 Leybold AR4065Exhaust Filter w/Oil Return2 Scotia, NY
3573 Leybold AR48Exhaust Filter w/Oil Return2 328.00 Scotia, NY
3572 Leybold ARS1625Exhaust Filter w/Oil Return4 650.00 Scotia, NY
3571 Leybold ARS4065Exhaust Filter w/Oil Return1 825.00 Scotia, NY
77010 Leybold AS/MF 100-250Dust Separator/Molecular Filter1 950.00 Scotia, NY
168176 Leybold CF 4-25Chemical Oil Filter1 Scotia, NY
3581 Leybold CF4065Chemical Oil Filter1 Scotia, NY
3589 Leybold CFS16/25Chemical Filter w/Safety Isolation Valve2 Scotia, NY
3588 Leybold CFS4065Chemical Filter w/ Safety Isolation Valve3 1,460.00 Scotia, NY
163628 Leybold FA30-16Absorption Trap w/Heater 1 950.00 Scotia, NY
64872 Leybold FA8-16Sorption Trap4 600.00 Scotia, NY
55853 Leybold FA8-16Absorption Trap w/Heater2 900.00 Scotia, NY
3586 Leybold LSS1625Limit Switch System1 Scotia, NY
3585 Leybold LSS4065Limit Switch System1 Scotia, NY
63182 Leybold OF 1000Dual Canister Oil Filtering System 1 1,800.00 Scotia, NY
88978 Leybold OF1000COil Filtering system1 1,500.00 Scotia, NY
3582 Leybold OF4065Mechanical Oil Filter1 Scotia, NY
2605 Leybold OF425Mechanical Oil Filter5 150.00 Scotia, NY
84898 Leybold PS114Pressure Switch3 300.00 Scotia, NY
104106 Leybold SE30-60SE Smoke Eliminator2 250.00 Scotia, NY
163287 Motorguard NAThree Canister Oil Filtration System2 1,275.00 Scotia, NY
173308 MV Products 300905Copper Gauze Filter Element4 Scotia, New York
186200 MV Products 300915Stainless Steel Gauze Filter Element24 25.00 Scotia, New York
186201 MV Products 300935Sodasorb Filter Element36 30.00 Scotia, New York
173309 MV Products 400935PolyPro 5µm Filter Element3 Scotia, New York
186202 MV Products 400975PolyPro 2µm Filter Element41 20.00 Scotia, New York
186458 MV Products POSI-TRAP - 4"Single Stage 90° Vacuum Inlet Trap, 4" - KF 2525 200.00 Scotia, NY
186257 MV Products POSI-TRAP - 8"Single Stage 90° Vacuum Inlet Trap, 8" - KF 40 1 Scotia, NY
173304 MV Products POSI-TRAP - 8"Single Stage Vacuum Inlet Trap, 8" - KF 401 Scotia, New York
186262 Oerlikon Leybold 19053Exhaust Filter New - AF 251 180.00 Scotia, NY
186356 Oerlikon Leybold 19053Exhaust Filter - AF 2523 90.00 Scotia, NY
186355 Oerlikon Leybold IGS 40-65Inert Gas System1 1,700.00 Scotia, NY
173875 Stokes Vacuum 339-252Oil Purifier4 Scotia, New York
142791 Trebor 700/960Replacement Parts1 Plano, TX
191768 Varian 315-20Cryotrap -- Chevron1 6,500.00 Scotia, New York
4579 Varian 9699114Purge Mass Flow Meter2 780.00 Scotia, NY
5172 Varian 9699313Cooling Fan for Turbo 250 Turbomolecular Pump5 175.00 Scotia, NY
5174 Varian 9699314Cooling Fan/w Power Cord2 200.00 Scotia, NY
102935 WATER COOLED BAFFLEWater Cooled Baffle6 995.00 Scotia, NY

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Vacuum Pump Accessories:
Adixen, Alcatel, Balston, CPA, CTI Cryogenics, Edwards, Granville Phillips, Leybold, Motorguard, MV Products, Oerlikon Leybold, Stokes Vacuum, Trebor, Varian