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Vacuum Pumping Systems

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  • Item IDItem DescriptionPumping SpeedUltimate PressBackng Pmp ModlRoots Pmp ModelDry Pump#PriceNotes Location
    »l/m  CFM»mbar  torr$
    856 Alcatel ZT2100AC/RSV600500.0ZT2100ACRSV6001 12,500.00 Scotia, NY
    89448 Edwards E2M80/EH250161.0E2M80EH2501 7,700.00 Scotia, NY
    96952 Edwards E2M80/EH500282.1E2M80EH5001 Scotia, NY
    1047 Edwards E2M80/EH500FF282.9E2M80EH500FF1 8,900.00 Scotia, NY
    151676 Edwards GV400/EH42002,300.05.00E-3GV400EH4200YES2 Scotia, NY
    117831 Edwards GV600FAerzen GLB.15.11 HV-07YES1 Sterling, MA
    46256 Edwards IQDP 80/IQMB 250F179.95.30E-3YES1 Scotia, NY
    133831 Edwards IQDP40/QMB250171.01.50E-3iQDP40QMB250YES2 Scotia, NY
    38978 Edwards QDP40-QMB250F 171.01.50E-3QDP40QMB250F1 9,500.00 Scotia, NY
    57236 Edwards QDP80/QMB500 Control and Enclosure3 Scotia, NY
    74021 Edwards QDP80/QMB500F with Q-Series Controller271.05.30E-4QDP80QMB500FYES1 10,500.00 Scotia, NY
    40064 Edwards QMKII--QDP80/QMB500271.05.30E-4QDP80QMB500YES1 Scotia, NY
    55922 Leybold D40BCS/WSU501122.91.00E-4D40BCSWSU5011 Scotia, New York
    121999 Leybold WAU500/D65BCS267.01.00E-4D65BCSWAU5001 17,500.00 Scotia, NY
    121992 Leybold WAU501/D65BCS267.01.00E-4D65BCSWAU5012 Scotia, NY
    1049 Leybold WAU501USS250C357.04.00E-3S250CWAU501US1 9,500.00 Scotia, NY
    3258 Leybold WSU151/D40BCS90.91.00E-4TRIVAC D40BCSRUVAC WSU 1511 Scotia, NY
    137396 Leybold WSU20011.4WSU-20012 Scotia, NY
    2649 Leybold WSU2001/SV5851,122.96.00E-3SV585WSU20011 28,400.00 Scotia, NY
    125389 Leybold WSU251/50B140.150BWSU251YES1 Scotia, NY
    68674 Leybold WSU251/D40BCS1.00E-4D40BCSWSU2511 8,500.00 Scotia, NY
    121997 Leybold WSU501/D65BCS267.01.00E-4D65BCSWSU5013 Scotia, NY
    185896 Oerlikon Leybold D40B/WAU251118.02.00E-5TRIVAC D40BRUVAC WAU 2515 F*Scotia, NY
    186171 Oerlikon Leybold D40B/WSU251118.02.00E-5TRIVAC D40BRUVAC WSU 2516 Scotia, NY
    186360 Oerlikon Leybold WAU251/D40B140.01.00E-4D40BWAU2511 Scotia, NY
    186357 Oerlikon Leybold WSU251/D40B140.01.00E-4D40BWSU2511 Scotia, NY
    50913 Pfeiffer Vacuum WOT 400-D4347.32.25E-3DBP 050-4WKP 500AYES1 Scotia, NY
    1139 Stokes Vacuum 612SPL599.9612-11612-111 Scotia, NY
    149586 Stokes Vacuum 622/2122 Scotia, NY
    43843 Varian Sorbtion Pump 2 760.00 Scotia, NY
    164281 Varian Turbo Pumping System1,167.81.00E-10PTS06001UNIVTurbo V-551YES3 Scotia, NY
    137394 Varian V250/D4B Turbo Pumping System530.81.50E-8D4B1 Scotia, NY

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Vacuum Pumping Systems:
    Alcatel, Edwards, Leybold, Oerlikon Leybold, Pfeiffer Vacuum, Stokes Vacuum, Varian