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Mass Flow Controllers - Gas

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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionGas Type(s)Flow RangeFittingConnector Type#PriceNotes Location
»slpm  sccm»cm  in$
94755 AERA CA-26DSUB2 F*Plano, TX
152686 AERA FC-2902MEP-TMFC HE 10 SLPMHE1 Plano, TX
123243 AERA FC-D980CMFC (3ea)3 F*Plano, TX
94753 AERA PV-104C1 Plano, TX
152685 AERA TC FC-785Y-BFMFC N2 500 SCCMN2500.01 Plano, TX
152684 AERA TC FC-D980CSMFC O2 3SLMO21 Plano, TX
87142 Applied Materials 824-1-Air1 Plano, TX
139455 Applied Materials AFC 550MFC H2 1000 SCCM1 F*Plano, TX
89425 Applied Materials OEM*3030-990021 1,692.00 Hudson, NY
173307 Brooks Instrument 0152EMass Flow readout and controller1 Scotia, New York
126879 Brooks Instrument 5850DMass Flow ControllerN250.0VCR0.250Edge Card1 725.00 Scotia, New York
126585 Brooks Instrument 5850EMass Flow ControllerN2100.0VCR0.250Edge Card1 725.00 Scotia, New York
126878 Brooks Instrument 5850EMass Flow ControllerN25,000.0VCR0.25015-pin D1 725.00 Scotia, New York
131764 Brooks Instrument 5850EMass Flow ControllerCF4200.0VCR0.250Edge Card2 725.00 Scotia, NY
131526 Brooks Instrument 5850EMass Flow ControllerH220,000.0VCR0.25015-pin D2 725.00 Scotia, NY
131563 Brooks Instrument 5850EMass Flow ControllerN230,000.0VCR0.25015-pin D1 725.00 Scotia, NY
4762 Brooks Instrument 5850EMass Flow ControllerN2200.0VCR0.250Edge Card2 725.00 Scotia, NY
126881 Brooks Instrument 5850EM - Metal SeriesMass Flow ControllerSF6200.0VCR0.25015-pin D1 900.00 Scotia, NY
131762 Brooks Instrument 5850SMass Flow Controller50% N2, 50% O210,000.0VCR0.25015-pin D2 800.00 Scotia, NY
131805 Brooks Instrument 5851SMass Flow ControllerN2O50,000.0VCR0.25015-pin D2 1,000.00 Scotia, NY
131810 Brooks Instrument 6256SMass Flow ControllerCF4500.0VCR0.25015-pin D2 1,100.00 Scotia, NY
56076 Brooks Instrument Mfr*2179A22CL1BV1 795.00 Hudson, NY
56064 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GAFMBKA1 795.00 Hudson, NY
56065 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GAKVBKA1 795.00 Hudson, NY
56067 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GAL4BKA1 795.00 Hudson, NY
56063 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GALYBKA1 795.00 Hudson, NY
56056 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GAM2BKA1 795.00 Hudson, NY
56066 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GAP3BKA1 795.00 Hudson, NY
56061 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GAP4BKA1 795.00 Hudson, NY
148270 Celerity 1661MFC N2 40SCCM1 Plano, TX
148272 Celerity 1661MFC N2 50 SCCMN21 Plano, TX
148265 Celerity C1660-658640MFC Ar 5 SCCM1 F*Plano, TX
129486 Celerity DSWAD10WMass Flow Controller3%/H2/N212,000.0VCR0.250DeviceNet1 1,250.00 Scotia, NY
148239 Celerity GF125 MFC N2 15000 SCCM1 F*Plano, TX
148257 Celerity IFC-125C MFC He 15 SLM1 Plano, TX
148261 Celerity IN3XPMFC NF3 15000SCCM1 F*Plano, TX
95214 Custom Cabinet1 Plano, TX
95866 Millipore CDLD 115061 Plano, TX
124387 Millipore Tylan FC-2901VMass Flow ControllerN21,000.0VCR0.25015-pin D1 Scotia, New York
129444 Millipore Tylan FC-2911VMass Flow ControllerN220,000.0VCR0.25015-pin D1 880.00 Scotia, NY
133751 Millipore Tylan FC-2911VMass Flow ControllerH220,000.0VCR0.25015-pin D2 800.00 F*Scotia, NY
133883 Millipore Tylan FC-2921VHigh Flow Mass Flow ControllerN250,000.0VCR0.50015-pin D2 1,000.00 F*Scotia, NY
124379 Millipore Tylan FC280SAVMass Flow ControllerN25,000.0VCR0.2507 Scotia, NY
129419 MKS Instruments 1150C-298VMass Flow ControllerWater 10.0VCR0.5001 3,000.00 F*Scotia, NY
129019 MKS Instruments 1150C-4037VMass Flow ControllerWater 15.5VCR0.5004 3,000.00 Scotia, NY
140683 MKS Instruments 1259B-00200SV MFC1 Plano, TX
129439 MKS Instruments 1479A-22604Mass Flow ControllerO210,000.0VCR0.250DeviceNet1 1,195.00 Scotia, NY
133749 MKS Instruments 1479A23CR16MMass Flow ControllerN22,000.0VCR0.250DeviceNet1 1,195.00 F*Scotia, NY
126980 MKS Instruments 1479A23CR16M-SMass Flow ControllerN22,000.0VCR0.250DeviceNet1 1,195.00 Scotia, NY
41113 MKS Instruments 1479A53CR16MMass Flow ControllerN25,000.0VCR0.250DeviceNet4 1,195.00 Scotia, NY
134622 MKS Instruments 179BX52CR34MMass Flow MeterN2500.0VCR0.2509-pin D1 625.00 Scotia, NY
163560 MKS Instruments 212179A53CR15VMass Flow ControllersN21 600.00 Scotia, NY
163558 MKS Instruments 2179A-14CR15VMass Flow ControllerN210,000.01 600.00 Scotia, NY
163557 MKS Instruments 2179A-25660Mass Flow Control With Shutoff Valve Gas N2VCR2 600.00 Scotia, NY
163559 MKS Instruments 2179A-25661Mass Flow ControllerN21 600.00 Scotia, NY
140680 MKS Instruments 2259C-00010 RVMFC1 F*Plano, TX
86701 MKS Instruments 2259C-00100SVMass Flow ControllerN2100.0Compression0.25015-pin D1 Scotia, NY
23229 MKS Instruments 260/261Mass Flow Control System1 3,900.00 F*Scotia, NY
139634 MKS Instruments 628B 11TAE 1B10 Torr Baratron Absolute Capacitance 15-pin D1 Plano, TX
82862 MKS Instruments 649A-21405Mass Flow Controller w/pressure controllerN210.0VCR0.25015-pin D1 2,040.00 F*Scotia, NY
131522 MKS Instruments 649A51T11CAVRMass Flow Controller w/Pressure ControllerN210.0VCR0.25015-pin D3 2,040.00 F*Scotia, NY
128748 Mykrolis DSPVJ1B7MFC O2O21 Plano, TX
129423 Mykrolis FC-2900VMass Flow ControllerCF4500.0VCR0.250Edge Card2 880.00 Scotia, NY
129425 Mykrolis FC-2900V-4VMass Flow ControllerCHF3500.0VCR0.250Edge Card1 880.00 Scotia, NY
129426 Mykrolis FC-2900V-4VMass Flow ControllerO25,000.0VCR0.250Edge Card1 880.00 Scotia, NY
96154 SIERRA 831-1-air1 Plano, TX
96103 STEC LF-310A-EVD1 Plano, TX
128352 STEC SEC-7350MMFC N2O 15 SLMN2O1 F*Plano, TX
88539 STEC Mfr*SEC-8440SL-UC-2321 Hudson, NY
191170 Teledyne Hastings In HFC-202100 SCCM NitrogenN2100.0Compression0.25015-pin D1 Scotia, New York
191229 Teledyne Hastings In HFC-202100 SCCM ArgonArgon100.0Compression0.25015-pin D1 F*Scotia, New York
94364 Tylan General CDLD-115123 Plano, TX
94368 Tylan General CDLD11S121 Plano, TX
94363 Tylan General CMLA-212 Plano, TX
56016 Tylan General Mfr*FC-2900M-4V1 1,250.00 Hudson, NY
148266 Unit Instruments 1660MFC SF6 200SCCM1 Plano, TX
42603 Unit Instruments 3020AMass Flow ControllerN250,000.01 710.00 Scotia, NY
128305 Unit Instruments 3050AHigh Flow Mass Flow ControllerN250,000.0VCR0.50015-pin D1 1,250.00 F*Scotia, NY
93648 Unit Instruments UFC 1000 HPMass Flow Controller5 Plano, TX
42602 Unit Instruments UFC-1000Mass Flow ControllerSiH4 / PH3VCR0.250Edge Card2 700.00 F*Scotia, NY
42604 Unit Instruments UFC-1020Mass Flow ControllerHe200.0VCR0.250Edge Card1 750.00 Scotia, NY
42600 Unit Instruments UFC-1100Mass Flow ControllerMultiple availableVCR0.250Edge Card8 820.00 Scotia, NY
42601 Unit Instruments UFC-1100AMass Flow ControllerMultiple availableVCR0.250Edge Card3 820.00 Scotia, NY
129438 Unit Instruments UFC-1400AMass Flow ControllerCF4500.0VCR0.250Edge Card1 820.00 Scotia, NY
129448 Unit Instruments UFC-1400AMass Flow ControllerN22,000.0VCR0.250Edge Card1 820.00 Scotia, NY
129450 Unit Instruments UFC-1660Mass Flow ControllerNF3500.0VCR0.250Edge Card1 980.00 Scotia, NY
129480 Unit Instruments UFC-1660Mass Flow ControllerN2500.0VCR0.250Edge Card1 980.00 Scotia, NY
129446 Unit Instruments UFC-1660Mass Flow ControllerNF3500.0VCR0.250Edge Card1 980.00 Scotia, NY
129066 Unit Instruments UFC-1660Mass Flow ControllerN21,000.0VCR0.250Edge Card4 980.00 Scotia, NY
129070 Unit Instruments UFC-1660Mass Flow Controller3%/H2/N22,000.0VCR0.250Edge Card2 980.00 Scotia, NY
129110 Unit Instruments UFC-1660Mass Flow ControllerO25,000.0VCR0.250Edge Card3 980.00 Scotia, NY
129384 Unit Instruments UFC-1660Mass Flow ControllerCHF3500.0VCR0.250Edge Card1 980.00 Scotia, NY
128984 Unit Instruments UFC-1660Mass Flow ControllerN21 Plano, TX
129456 Unit Instruments UFC-1661Digital Mass Flow ControllerXe10.0VCR0.250Edge Card1 1,250.00 Scotia, NY
128304 Unit Instruments UFC-3100High Flow Mass Flow ControllerN250,000.0VCR0.50015-pin D1 1,250.00 F*Scotia, NY
128213 Unit Instruments UFC-8100Mass Flow ControllerO220,000.0VCR0.25015-pin D2 880.00 Scotia, NY
128233 Unit Instruments UFC-8100Mass Flow ControllerN21,000.0VCR0.250Edge Card3 880.00 Scotia, NY
126131 Unit Instruments UFC-8100Mass Flow ControllerCF4500.0VCR0.250Edge Card2 800.00 F*Scotia, NY
126132 Unit Instruments UFC-8100Mass Flow ControllerO2
5,000.0VCR0.250Edge Card2 800.00 Scotia, NY
126133 Unit Instruments UFC-8100Mass Flow ControllerCHF3500.0VCR0.250Edge Card2 800.00 Scotia, NY
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AERA, Applied Materials, Inc., Brooks Instrument, Celerity, Millipore, Millipore Tylan, MKS Instruments, Inc., Mykrolis, SIERRA, STEC, Teledyne Hastings Instruments , Tylan General, Unit Instruments