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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionInterfaceExternal Coolng#PriceNotes Location
190552 Absopulse Electronic CTP 9K-750 3P480-3X3U4 3U7 19-S5344Three Phase Inverter 9kVAAir Cooled2 4,800.00 F*Scotia, New York
190548 Absopulse Electronic CTP5K-750/3P480-3U7-S5037Power Inverter 5000VAAir Cooled1 1,800.00 Scotia, New York
190633 Absopulse Electronic HVI 2K-750/24-3U3-S5037DC to DC Converter, 2000WAir Cooled2 775.00 F*Scotia, New York
115716 Acopian Mfr*DB15-351 Hudson, NY
147789 Acopian OEM*B2G170B2G1701 Plano, TX
104062 Acopian OEM*D15-10Acopian Part Number D15-10:
Supply 15V 100MA Power
1 Hudson, NY
104063 Acopian OEM*D15-10AAcopian Part Number D15-10A:
Supply 15V 100MA Power
1 F*Hudson, NY
104064 Acopian OEM*D15-35Acopian Part Number D15-35:
Supply 15V 100MA Power
1 Hudson, NY
115714 Bruce (BTI) OEM*80134692 Hudson, NY
115715 Bruce (BTI) OEM*80134702 Hudson, NY
147375 Dainippon Screen OEM*SSN-629-3Power Supply1 Plano, TX
140005 Diversen OEM*QP2N1DFPower Supply2 Plano, TX
104065 EA Elektro Automatik OEM*EA-PSMPS 812-05 REA Elektro Automatik Part Number EA-PSMPS 812-05 R:
Power Supply 230V
3 Hudson, NY
142882 Elgar 1001SL-12AC Power Source/400SP OscillatorFrcd Air Cooled1 2,500.00 Scotia, New York
133274 EM Mfr*PS13Power Supply1 Plano, TX
104067 ENI OEM*MW-5DM11ENI Power Systems Part Number MW-5DM11:
Power Supply, Matchwork 5D
1 Hudson, NY
104054 GCA/Precision OEM*036902G1GCA/Precision Part Number 036902G1:
Power Supply 5V 9289 Interface Power
2 955.00 Hudson, NY
104052 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*00159120GCA/Precision Sci Part Number 00159120:
Switching Power Supply
1 350.00 Hudson, NY
104057 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*047241G2GCA/Precision Sci Part Number 047241G2:
Power Supply DFAS Ass'y Power
1 1,200.00 Hudson, NY
6777 Hewlett Packard 6130CDigital Voltage Source2 950.00 Scotia, NY
186707 ITEC Powertron 1500S-CRHCurrent Source -- 1500WOtherAir Cooled1 F*Scotia, NY
186705 ITEC Powertron 3000S-CRCurrent Source -- 1500WOtherAir Cooled5 F*Scotia, NY
104058 Kaiser Systems OEM*1100595Kaiser Systems Part Number 1100595:
Axcellis/Extrion Power Supply
1 Hudson, NY
139973 LAM Research Corp. OEM*3000253Power Supply SQM 200-1333-7 +/- 15V @6A PS (2)1 Plano, TX
95824 Lambda LRS-511 Plano, TX
104055 Lambda OEM*036904G1Lambda Part Number 036904G1:
Supply 15V 9289 Interface Power
1 580.00 Hudson, NY
57107 Leybold OEM*1013010Leybold Part Number 1013010:
Other Power Supplies in Power Supplies

Power Supply
1 Hudson, NY
130606 LTX Mfr*TS512Power Supply Module3 Plano, TX
103541 MA Lighting Technolo 12 X 3.7kWDigital Light Dimmer2 F*Scotia, New York
104061 MRC OEM*A121208Materials Research Corp Part Number A121208:
Power Supply 5V & 15V
1 950.00 Hudson, NY
95892 Neat 1 Plano, TX
136930 Phasetronics OEM*1P1-2075-NEPower Supply1 Plano, TX
104066 Plastic Capacitors I OEM*HV25-103MPlastic Capacitors I Part Number HV25-103M:
Power Supply Suppression Module
1 198.50 Hudson, NY
104060 Silicon Valley Group OEM*99-80268-01Silicon Valley Group Part Number 99-80268-01:
System Power Supply
1 Hudson, NY
139671 SinPro OEM*SPU41-4Switching Mode Power Supply2 Plano, TX
137222 SMC OEM*INR-244-216Circulator Power Supply2 Plano, TX
137220 SMC OEM*INR-244-217APlate Power Supply3 Plano, TX
179042 Trek Inc PA1208ESC Power Supply--OEM Specific--Ion ImplantOtherAir Cooled2 F*Scotia, NY
115713 Unknown Mfr*35-438-011 Hudson, NY
58154 Unknown Mfr*PS-12Unknown Part Number PS-12:
Other Power Supplies in Power Supplies

1 Hudson, NY
104053 Unknown OEM*006790Unknown Part Number 006790:
Power Supply 5V 35A
2 57.50 Hudson, NY
93484 Varian 160 XP6BD-014Reflector Bias Power Supply1 Plano, TX
104056 Varian OEM*04063001Varian Part Number 04063001:
Module Power Supply +15 VD
1 375.00 Hudson, NY
57110 Varian OEM*04073001Varian Part Number 04073001:
Other Power Supplies in Power Supplies

Accel/Decel Power Supply
2 Hudson, NY
104059 Varian OEM*7859012000Varian Part Number 7859012000:
Power Supply 5V 12A
1 183.55 Hudson, NY
140003 Varian OEM*7859012000Power Supply1 Plano, TX

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Power Supplies:
Absopulse Electronics Ltd., Acopian, Bruce (BTI), Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., Diversen, EA Elektro Automatik, Elgar, EM, ENI Power Systems, GCA/Precision Scientific, Hewlett Packard, ITEC Powertron, Kaiser Systems, LAM Research Corp., Lambda, Leybold, LTX, MA Lighting Technolo, Materials Research Corp, New England Affiliated Technologies, Phasetronics, Plastic Capacitors Inc, Silicon Valley Group, SinPro, SMC, Trek Inc, Unknown, Varian