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Vacuum Gate Valves

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Item IDItem DescriptionValve ActuationFlange TypeFlange SizeValve Material #PriceNotes Location
»in  mm$
5257 CVC VCS 43PneumaticASA133.35AL1 800.00 Scotia, NY
4775 CVC VCS41BManualASA100.00SS1 875.00 Scotia, NY
85199 Edwards 122-0606PneumaticISO-K150.00SS1 1,585.00 F*Scotia, NY
192042 Edwards GVC 025 PPneumaticConflat63.00SS1 850.00 F*N*Scotia, New York
185508 Edwards GVI 063 MManualISO-F63.00SS2 750.00 F*R*Scotia, New York
191271 Edwards GVI100PElectro-PneumtcISO-F100.00SS1 1,250.00 N*Scotia, New York
191272 Edwards GVI100PElectro-PneumtcISO-F100.00SS1 1,250.00 N*Scotia, New York
4601 GNB Corporation G60S0PPneumaticASA180.85SS1 1,400.00 Scotia, NY
115772 Huntington GVAP-150-V-MODPneumaticKF25.00SS2 550.00 F*Scotia, NY
126480 Huntington NonePneumaticASA80.00SS1 850.00 F*Scotia, NY
136323 Huntington UnknownManualConflat40.00SS1 550.00 F*R*Scotia, New York
169510 HVA 11210 0803RA 00Electro-PneumtcISO-F200.00SS1 1,950.00 Scotia, New York
97373 HVA 11212-0153RElectro-PneumtcKF40.00SS2 480.00 Scotia, New York
97624 HVA 11212-061RElectro-Pneumtc150.00SS1 1,680.00 F*Scotia, New York
86841 HVA 122-0601Pneumatic152.40SS2 1,250.00 Scotia, NY
119873 HVA 123-1201Electro-PneumtcASA254.00SS2 2,900.00 Scotia, NY
125074 HVA 21711-203R-00Electro-PneumtcISO-F300.00SS1 4,150.00 Scotia, NY
152495 HVA 71211PneumaticMultiflange150.00SS1 Scotia, NY
152518 HVA 71211Electro-PneumtcMultiflange150.00SS1 Scotia, NY
85198 MDC KGV-4000V-PPneumaticISO-F101.60SS1 1,120.00 Scotia, NY
86008 Vacuum Research LP4ASAASA101.60AL1 950.00 Scotia, NY
110467 Vacuum Research 94576-101-R3ManualASA101.60AL1 877.00 Scotia, NY
172794 VAT 01032-CE24PneumaticConflat40.00SS2 900.00 F*Scotia, NY
1232 VAT 08038-FA06ManualInsertable80.00AL2 385.00 Scotia, NY
83068 VAT 08040-FA24PneumaticInsertable100.00AL1 865.00 Scotia, NY
83653 VAT 08040-FA44 PneumaticInsertable100.00AL1 936.00 Scotia, NY
191273 VAT 10840-PE44Electro-PneumtcISO-F100.00SS1 1,450.00 N*Scotia, New York
169766 VAT 12040-PA14PneumaticISO-F100.00AL4 F*Scotia, NY
64233 VAT 12040-PA44PneumaticISO-F100.00AL1 780.00 Scotia, NY
39691 VAT 12044-PA24PneumaticISO-F160.00AL5 750.00 Scotia, NY
5258 VAT 12046-JA44PneumaticJIS200.00SS1 1,050.00 Scotia, NY
64232 VAT 12046-PA44PneumaticISO-F200.00AL2 1,175.00 Scotia, NY
39052 VAT 12050-PA24-0003PneumaticISO-F320.00AL15 2,950.00 Scotia, NY
665 VAT 12050-TA24PneumaticASA320.00AL1 2,350.00 Scotia, NY
140021 VAT 14040-PE06ManualISO-F100.00SS2 Scotia, NY
140000 VAT 14040-PE44Electro-PneumtcISO-F100.00SS4 1,450.00 F*Scotia, NY
171942 VAT 14044-PE44PneumaticISO-F160.00SS1 Scotia, NY
190968 VAT 14046-TE-44Electro-PneumtcASA203.20SS1 N*Scotia, New York
5153 VAT 14046XE24AAH1ISO-F200.00SS1 1,975.00 Scotia, NY
165297 VAT 14048-PE44-AAU1/0080Electro-PneumtcISO-F250.00SS1 Scotia, NY
169822 VAT 14050-CE34/1001PneumaticConflat320.00SS1 Scotia, NY
3559 VAT 14050-TE44PneumaticASA320.00SS1 3,350.00 Scotia, NY
3563 VAT 14050-TE44ElectricASA320.00SS6 3,250.00 Scotia, NY
164736 VAT 14052-NE44-ABC 2/1Electro-PneumtcConflat400.00SS1 F*Scotia, NY
39053 VAT 180520-XE44-1001PneumaticISO-F400.00SS7 Scotia, NY
41826 VAT 2010-BA24-1015PneumaticAL6 2,250.00 Scotia, NY
223 VAT 64046-UE48-1003Electro-PneumtcConflat200.00SS3 2,750.00 Scotia, New York
32928 VAT 64046UE48-0006PneumaticConflat203.20SS5 2,350.00 F*Scotia, New York
140377 VAT 64050-TE48Electro-PneumtcASA320.00SS1 6,230.00 Scotia, NY
169830 VAT 64244-PE52MotorizedISO-F160.00SS1 F*Scotia, NY
140312 VAT 64248-PE52MotorizedISO-F250.00SS1 F*Scotia, NY
166739 VAT 64250-CE52-1101MotorizedConflat320.00SS2 F*Scotia, New York

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Consolidated Vacuum Corp, Edwards, GNB Corporation, Huntington, HVA, MDC, Vacuum Research, VAT