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Item IDItem DescriptionVolts MaxAmps MaxPower MaxPanel Meters#PriceNotes Location
183211 Sorensen XG 600-2.6MIA600.002.601.50Digital 7 1,300.00 F* Scotia, New York
63108 Sorensen XTS 120-0.5-M9B120.000.500.06Digital 1 745.00 Scotia, NY
185618 TDK-Lambda GEN 12.5-120IS51012.50120.001.50Digital 13 950.00 Scotia, New York
151595 TDK-Lambda GEN 150-5150.005.000.75Digital 1 1,100.00 Scotia, NY
151594 TDK-Lambda GEN 30-2530.0025.000.75Digital 1 1,100.00 F* Scotia, NY
152464 TDK-Lambda GEN 300-17IS510300.0017.005.00Digital 1 3,300.00 F* Scotia, New York
189090 TDK-Lambda GEN 300-5300.005.001.50Digital 1 875.00 Scotia, New York
190339 TDK-Lambda GEN 300-5-IS510300.005.001.50Digital 5 1,100.00 Scotia, New York
185616 TDK-Lambda GEN 60-2560.0025.001.50Digital 11 1,200.00 Scotia, New York
185615 TDK-Lambda GEN 60-8560.0085.005.10Digital 1 3,300.00 F* Scotia, New York
190345 TDK-Lambda GEN 600-17-IS510-3P208600.0017.0010.00Digital 1 4,250.00 Scotia, New York
185538 TDK-Lambda GEN 600-2.6IS510600.002.601.50Digital 16 1,200.00 Scotia, New York
137327 Tektronix PS28030.002.00Digital 1 440.00 Scotia, NY
57081 Unknown Mfr*405-122-00 1 Hudson, NY
57080 Unknown Mfr*EFX 100T-1 1 Hudson, NY
57075 Unknown Mfr*P15OE-2424.00 2 Hudson, NY
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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under DC Power Supplies:
Agilent Technologies, Applied Materials, Inc., Ault, Bruce (BTI), Bruker, Condor, Copley Controls Corp., CPI, Electronic Measurements Inc, GCA/Precision Scientific, GFC, Hewlett Packard, IDEC, Kepco, Lambda, NDE, Origin, Power Ten Inc, Power-One Inc, Powertec Inc, PowerVolt Inc, Sorensen, TDK-Lambda, Tektronix, Unknown