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Vacuum Fittings

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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionFlange TypeFlange Size#PriceNotes Location
»in  mm$
170359 Unknown (8) 9 pin and (1) 25 pin feedthroughsFeedthrough, Multi-Pin Type D SubminiatureConflat203.201 1,950.00 Scotia, NY
166738 Unknown 08.3-1050Bellows, 6" -- NewISO-K76.201 200.00 Scotia, NY
92392 Unknown B66934Feedthrough, Rotary VacuumKF25.001 1,200.00 Scotia, NY
92393 Unknown B66968Feedthrough, Rotary VacuumKF40.001 1,200.00 Scotia, NY
43686 Unknown naFeedthrough, Motorized LinearConflat152.401 775.00 Scotia, NY
154085 Unknown naCross, Six-Way ISO K 250ISO-K250.001 4,200.00 Scotia, NY
170333 Unknown NoneFlange, BlankConflat203.208 330.00 Scotia, New York
170334 Unknown NoneFlange, BlankConflat254.002 Scotia, New York
170342 Unknown NoneFlange, ReducingConflat203.201 168.00 Scotia, NY
170345 Unknown NoneViewportConflat254.003 450.00 Scotia, NY
170353 Unknown NoneFlange, BlankConflat355.601 441.00 Scotia, New York
170411 Unknown NoneFlange, ReducingConflat152.401 100.00 Scotia, NY
186350 Unknown NoneFormed Bellows KF 50 X 18"KF50.001 100.00 Scotia, NY
186351 Unknown NoneFormed Bellows KF 40 X 38"KF40.001 120.00 Scotia, NY
186270 Unknown NoneFormed Bellows ISO-F 100 X 62.5"ISO-F100.001 777.00 Scotia, NY
186292 Unknown NoneFormed Bellows NW40 x 4" LongKF40.007 50.00 Scotia, NY
2552 Unknown NoneBellows, 19", --NewISO-K80.011 500.00 Scotia, NY
2555 Unknown NoneBellows, 24"--NewKF16.008 75.00 Scotia, NY
43687 Unknown OTHERFeedthrough, Motorized RotaryConflat69.851 1,150.00 Scotia, NY
179206 Unknown UnknownBellows, 5", -- NewKF16.004 45.00 Scotia, NY
304 UNKNOWN VIEW PORTView PortConflat203.2013 270.00 Scotia, NY
143526 VACUUM BELLOWS KF 25Bellows, 39"KF25.001 110.00 Scotia, NY
152711 VACUUM FITTING ISO 80 X 40" THICK WALLISO 80 X 40" Thick wallISO-K80.001 195.00 Scotia, NY
2553 VACUUM FITTING, 39" BELLOWSBellows, 39" -- NewISO-K80.012 825.00 Scotia, NY
92540 VACUUM FITTING, BASEPLATE/ENDPLATEVacuum Baseplate/Endplate1 1,050.00 Scotia, NY
92547 VACUUM FITTING, BASEPLATE/ENDPLATEVacuum Baseplate/Endplate1 950.00 Scotia, NY
3201 VACUUM FITTING, CONFLAT TEETeeConflat114.301 225.00 Scotia, NY
2546 VACUUM FITTING, CROSSCrossKF25.405 60.00 Scotia, NY
2549 VACUUM FITTING, ELBOWElbowKF16.0010 30.00 Scotia, NY
92542 VACUUM FITTING, FEEDTHROUGH COLLARFeedthrough Collar1 2,100.00 Scotia, NY
3265 VACUUM FITTING, INSTRUMENTATION FEEDTHROUGHTwenty Pin Electrical Feedthrough, ISO-K101.602 375.00 Scotia, NY
2973 VACUUM FITTING, NIPPLESNipples203.201 500.00 Scotia, NY
2551 VACUUM FITTING, SEAL ASSEMBLYSeal Assembly w/ScreenKF25.4014 21.00 Scotia, NY
152689 VACUUM FITTING, STRAIGHT NIPPLENipple, KF25 X 40" Straight KF25.009 Scotia, NY
2547 VACUUM FITTING, TEETeeKF38.107 60.00 Scotia, NY
134494 VACUUM POWER FEEDTHROUGHFeedthrough, ElectricalConflat1.337 80.00 Scotia, NY
298 Varian 954-5049Feedthrough, Linear with Digital CounterConflat69.851 300.00 Scotia, New York
152868 Varian 969-9342ISO-100 Turbo Pump Vibration IsolatorASA100.002 750.00 Scotia, NY
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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Vacuum Fittings:
A&N Corporation, Applied Materials, Inc., CAJON, Edwards, Ferrofluidics, Ferrotec, HPS, Huntington, Insulator Seal Corp., Kurt Lesker, Leybold, MDC, MKS Instruments, Inc., Nor-Cal Products, Perkin Elmer, Rigaku, Tokyo Electron Limited, Unknown, Varian